Monday Apr 24, 2023

Histamine intolerance, PMS, period flu with naturopath Steven Judge

Melanie interviews Steven Judge, clinical naturopath in Sydney (NSW, Australia) specialising in chronic digestive disorders and mental health. 

After 8 years in private practice working alongside medical practitioners as a director at the first integrative and holistic medical centre in Australia, Steven has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in empowering his clients to understand the underlying causes of their symptoms, and how to engage as an active participant in their healing journey as they learn to thrive and trust the inherent wisdom of their body. He evaluates the interactions among genetic, environmental, biochemical, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle factors that influence human health and chronic disease.

He wants his clients to experience true health-care, rather than simply disease management. And today we are lucky enough to get a glimpse into Steven’s wisdom on the topic of histamine intolerance and how it might be the answer into unusual menstrual related symptoms, that a lot of women are searching for. 

Mentioned in the podcast:

  • Melanie's experience of period flu and how Steven helped her with this
  • What histamine intolerance is and what symptoms at certain points in the menstrual cycle women should be on the look out for that would give clues that it could be histamine; anxious,  insomnia, unexplained nausea, vertigo, period migraines/headaches, joint pain, low blood pressure
  • How to confirm if histamine intolerance is the answer, and what high-histamine foods to avoid (the cheese platter has to go!)
  • How oestrogen and histamine intertwine in the menstrual cycle
  • Period flu and what exactly is driving it
  • What even is the oestrogen detoxification pathway and why does it matter?
  • What does pooing daily have to do with healthy hormones
  • SIBO, leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth and their contribution to histamine problems
  • What our favourite magnesium supplement is

You can connect with Steven over on instagram @stevenjudgenaturopath or

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